The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt (Live on Letterman)

I hope Brian never loses an ounce of this passion I see in almost every live performance by TGA. Hate on the band all you want, but you’ve got to admit, Brian Fallon’s got a whole lotta of love for what he does.

And here is the Video to the gif set…

Fallon is not Springsteen and his new record has nothing to do with Springsteen. To all the reviews that say that TGA was not able to follow Springsteens foot steps and released a bad record:


Go listen to ‘59 Sound, cry and ignore the fact that bands change, because life changes and so does music.

No band has to live up to anybodies expectations. Not even the greatest.

Angry Mary
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Ian Cohens review on Get Hurt by The Gaslight Anthem

I got a message pointing me at Ian Cohens review on the website.

I read a some reviews in the past few days and the second they mention Bruce Springsteen I skip them. I want to read about TGA not about Springsteen for god’s sake. I don’t even finish reading because I can’t take them serious. It is as if they simply decided to savage the record because hey, it is easier than having a real opinion on it.Just mention Bruce and (again) cry over how good ‘59 Sound was.

The thing is, if you really love music and care you notice that some will love a record and some won’t. That is the way it goes and hell, it will always be like that. BUT if you are writing for a music magazine or webpage I expect you to be professional, I expect you to be impartial. I give a damn about your ability to write a funny review and drop the f-bomb. I simply don’t care about how cool you think you are. I won’t read your text because to me, you are nothing but a clown.

You can tell your own opinion and you are entitled to say that you don’t like the record but you can’t call a record a joke and insult musicians. Not because it is impolite – though it really is, but because of the fact that your readers (given that you have some) won’t give a damn about the opinion of someone that immature!

The Gaslight Anthem Pre-Show Kerfuffle


So, one of my favorite bands offers up the opportunity to buy tickets to a meet and greet, and a soundcheck, and I’m ready to jump all over it. I have no problem paying for it, because it’s a great, unique opportunity and who knows when I’ll get it again. And instead of it being a random drawing…

Read this and you know what I think about it! All seconded!

If I thought it would help I would carve your name into my heart.

Dark Places by The Gaslight Anthem