kad-porastem-bitju-dete asked:
You're literally my musical soul mate. :) Brian rocks! :))

well, hello counterpart 🙋😊

"You know, people get married, people get divorced, people die, people don’t die, people get all kinds of problems, they lose jobs but still, we keep the records going at night. And, you know, 33 rpm: life’s not so bad at that speed."

Brian Fallon
broodywriter asked:
Love the blog! Out of curiosity, what is your favourite Gaslight Anthem album? (I don't really wanna sleep, so I'm procrastinating)

The ‘59 Sound actually though really deciding is a tough one. How about you?

dude907 asked:
Thank you for putting together this blog which is such an amazing tribute to one of my favorite bands and lyricists. You really do manage to put their emotion (and I imagine your own) into this so when I'm reading and looking at these posts I can hear the songs playing in my head even when the room is silent.

It’s 5am right now and I’m way too drowsy to think straight but your words kinda made my day start on a high note so thank you!

"..and I’ll love you forever if I ever love at all."

Brian Fallon

"If your ideas are bigger than the town you’re in, you’ve got to get out of there."

Brian Fallon (via the-blues-mary)
shutuptres asked:
25 notes and 14 new followers since you reblogged, plus the first interested contributors have contacted me. Thank you so much, seriously.

It was a pleasure! Seriously. Took me only a sec! Good luck!!! ✌️